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wear-resistant steels

To help customers take best advantage of XAR®, we offer guidelines for how to work with it.

XAR® (eXtra Abrasion Resistant) steels from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe are the solution for applications where wear is a key factor.

XAR® is available in various grades from 300 HBW to 600 HBW and plate thicknesses from 4,00 mm to 100 mm, tailored to particular applications, e.g. mining equipment, earthmoving machinery, steel mill and cement plant equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.

New: XAR® 400 and XAR®450 plates can also be supplied as cut-to-length plates in thicknesses from 4,00 up to 8,00 mm. Due to their very close thickness tolerances of ±0.008’’ (±0,2 mm) they offer weight reduction benefits as well as advantages in terms of cold forming.

Higher wear resistance

Good cutting and welding characteristics

Better formability

Lower costs

Overview XAR® steels

XAR® 300

XAR® 500


XAR® 600

XAR® 400

XAR® 450

XAR® 400 W

XAR® 400 HR

Steel Grade DesignationStandard DesignationFOUR HIGH MILL PLATESCUT TO LENGTH PLATES
From_to in mm
From_to in mm
From_to in mm
from_to in mm
XAR®HTSpecial mill grade40.0 - 100.03,300
XAR®400 HRSpecial mill grade4.0 - 25.03,300
XAR®400 WSpecial mill grade4.0 - 40.03,300
XAR®400Special mill grade4.0 - 100.03,3004.0 - 8.01,500
XAR®450Special mill grade4.0 - 100.03,3004.0 - 8.01,600
XAR®500Special mill grade4.0 - 100.03,300
XAR®600Special mill grade4.0 - 50.03,300

Application Examples

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