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Heavy plates are widely used in the structural components of ships, bridges, offshore structures and other very large structures. Accordingly, heavy plates require superior strength and toughness to ensure long-term safety and reliability for use under diverse conditions. Meanwhile, from the standpoint of environmental protection and resource saving, infrastructure of all types is becoming greater in size, while at the same time being expected to provide improved efficiency, weight reduction and long lasting use. These trends have led to increased demand for thicker, stronger and tougher steel plates.

WEL-TEN® is a high-strength steel series with excellent weldability, developed by Nippon Steel to meet the requirements of indu

stries that are promoting the construction of larger or higher-pressure steel structures. In addition, to serve the growing need for higher-strength structures in applications such as construction and industrial machinery, the company has also marketed the WEL-TEN AR series, which features excellent weldability plus abrasion resistance.

The WEL-TEN® series currently includes 24 kinds of steel. The most suitable WEL-TEN® can be selected from among this wide variety according to type of structure, performance required and forming conditions chosen. WEL-TEN® has been widely used for pressure vessels, crude-oil tanks, penstocks, bridges, buildings, and industrial machinery. It has gained a high reputation for superior weldability, strength, abrasion resistance, and the cost performance achieved through the drastic reduction in steel consumption realized by its use.

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Weldable High-strength Steel Plate (WEL-TEN®)

High Strenght and
Improved Notch
WEL-TEN® is a low-alloy steel plate having high tensile strength and high notch toughness. It is also highly resistant to brittle fracture and shows good performance in Charpy impact tests and in largescale tests including the ESSO and deep-notch tests.WEL-TEN®, therefore, can be safely used for large welded structures and for high-pressure and low-temperature vessels.
The weldability of WEL-TEN® is improved by fully minimizing the carbon equivalent. Accordingly, outstanding weld-joint performance is always assured for welded structures such as bridges, spherical tanks and penstocks by use of welding materials suited to the respective specifications.
WEL-TEN® permits cold forming, bending and shearing. In the gas-cutting of WEL-TEN® plates, no cracks occur in plates of the thickness commonly used, even when the plates are cut without preheating
Immproved Corrosion
WEL-TEN®, which contains such alloying elements as copper and chromium, has higher corrosion resistance than structural carbon steels.
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Weldable High-strength Steel Plate (WEL-TEN®)
There are 18 grades of WEL-TEN® ranging tensile strength from the 590 N/mm2 class to the 950 N/mm2 class. In addition to this WEL-TEN® series, high-strength steel plates specified by JIS and ASTM are also produced by Nippon Steel.
Abrasion-resistant Steel Plate (WEL-TEN AR)
There are 6 brand name of WEL-TEN AR ranging hardness HBW from the 235 HBW to the 500 HBW. Hardness tests are conducted as specified in JIS Z 2243 (Brinell hardness testing method), and Load 29.42 kN.
Class 590 N/mm2

WEL-TEN AR235E (HBW » 235)
WEL-TEN AR285E (HBW » 285)
WEL-TEN AR320E (HBW » 321)
WEL-TEN AR360E (HBW » 361)
WEL-TEN AR400E (HBW » 401)
WEL-TEN AR500E (HBW » 477)
wearplate, pipa 253ma, jual plat besi, distributor wear plate, distributor besi Product

- Industrial machinery,
- Spherical tanks,
- Bridges,
- Penstocks,
- Offshore structures,
- Various uses,

- Industrial machinery
- Bulldozer blades
- Dump truck vessels
- Shovel buckets
- Mine equipment
- Coal ash treatment equipment